How Do You Clean Granite Countertops

How to Clean Granite Countertops

Asking “how do you clean granite countertops” is one of the most common questions people are asking in a marble and granite dealers showroom.  As the popularity of quartz counters and granite worktops lead the way, proper stone care and maintenance is the key to keeping kitchen counter tops looking like new.

As the popularity of quartz and granite continues to rise,  I see some long term issues with some of the most common cleaning methods. One of the most popular issues directly related to not caring for granite properly,  include a dull surface. This can be prevented in every case, by properly cleaning your stone with a non-abrasive, pH neutral granite cleaner that doesn’t build up or require a rinse.  Although some of the methods I read won’t actually hurt the stone, I can’t say that they will help protect your polished granite from looking dull or getting stains.  Here I will discuss how to properly clean natural stone, quartz countertops and worktops.  This article will also lay out some general guidelines for cleaning granite countertops and marble vanities.

According to the Marble institute of America, it is important to use a pH neutral cleaner when cleaning granite marble and other natural stones.

Using a Homemade Granite Cleaner For Cleaning Granite Countertops

You can make a homemade granite cleaner that is pH neutral or balanced, with dish soap, water and some alcohol. However, If dish soap is used, it is imperative to rinse the surface after each use to avoid soap scum buildup. If you don’t rinse the surface after each use, the soap buildup will cause your polished granite to look dull. The good thing about using homemade granite cleaners is that they are about the most inexpensive cleaning product used for marble and granite. When using a homemade granite cleaner made with dish soap and water or dish soap and alcohol, be sure to follow with a proper rinse after each use.

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Learn What Makes The Best Granite Cleaners

Photo Of The Best Granite Cleaner

Granite countertops are durable and beautiful. Properly care for your granite with the best cleaner and it will look like new forever.

There are many reasons people are searching for the best granite cleaners. For some, it’s because they’re thinking about purchasing new kitchen countertops and your considering granite or quartz. For others, maybe they’ve just been introduced to granite counters and are researching cleaners and cleaning products for natural stone. More than likely, most already have a natural stone surface and just haven’t come across a cleaner that they love. One thing is for sure, when it comes to granite, marble, travertine, quartz and other natural stones, the care and maintenance options are endless. In fact, I found that methods, products and information for cleaning granite was a little overwhelming at first.

When researching the best granite cleaners, I spent hours going through ingredients and weeding out options, but most people donʼt have the patience or time it takes to find the best granite cleaner, so they end up using Windex or other cleaning products that they already have under the counter. Some of these cleaning products include window cleaners, wipes, dish soaps, bleach and other bathroom cleaners. You know, things you already have in your home that serve a specialized purpose for cleaning needs. Although granite and quartz are durable and low in maintenance, a lot of times, natural stone is overlooked as an area that also needs special care. It’s like your dishes, they have a certain detergent and your oven has a certain cleaner. It only makes sense to use the best cleaner for granite in order to keep it’s polished surface looking great. So, protect your investment and learn how to properly care for granite countertops by using the best granite cleaners.

The best natural stone cleaners are pH neutral and designed for granite surfaces. Specialized cleaners are formulated to target the needs of a specific products like polished natural stone, meaning their components are strong enough to cleanse the area, but not overly harsh. This is called the pH level. Most natural stone owners are unaware of how pH levels effect granite, marble, quartz, and other polished surfaces made from natural stones. It is important to use a cleaner that is pH balanced, meaning it is not overly acidic and does not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals.

The best stone cleaners do not contain anything acidic. Popular acidic cleaners include vinegar, lime and orange. These acids will etch the polish of your stone surface and cause granite, marble, and quartz surfaces to dull.

Image of the best granite cleaners.

The best granite cleaners won’t build up, etch the stone and make your granite look dull. Learn how to clean your granite countertops with the best granite cleaners.

The best granite and marble cleaners are not abrasive and do not have hazardous chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia. These cleaners will also etch natural stone and could potentially eat away at the sealer. These cleaners are unnecessary and harmful for granite countertops. Natural stones should be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner, that is neither too acidic or too abrasive.

Now that a couple of key factors of the best granite cleaners have been discussed, it is also important to have a natural stone cleaner that not only cleanses the stone, but but conditions the stone too. Conditioning the granite surface is  beneficial to the longevity and look of the surface over the long term. Certain products will do a mediocre job at cleaning granite, but why settle for the bare minimum when you could use a product that cleans, conditions and keeps your granite countertop looking great for years to come? This is comparable to getting a haircut at a barber for less than $10.00. Your hair will undoubtedly get cut, but it may not look exactly how you wanted? Itʼs certain that the stylist wonʼt use the same conditioners and hair enhancing products that a stylist would at a salon that charges considerably more.

Photo of Black Galaxy Granite Cleaned With Best Granite Cleaner

Black granite is one of the hardest granites to clean. Using the best granite cleaner makes things easy.

I realize that your granite, quartz and natural stone countertops could very well be cleaned with a mild dish soap. Just like a glass. When was the last time you washed a glass and didn’t rinse it? Most dish soaps are pH balanced and most are not acidic and  will not harm your granite. But keep in mind that most pH neutral cleaners also do nothing to enhance or condition granite countertops.

Cleaning granite countertops with dish soap and other cleaners under your cabinet are very likely to leave build-up and residue that will blur the surface of otherwise beautiful stone. Most people donʼt have the time or dedication it takes to adequately rinse suds away after each wipe down. Something that you simply spray and wipe away makes more sense.

The best marble and granite cleaners are not glass cleaners. Glass cleaners are frequently used by uninformed consumers to clean granite countertops. Again, this product will definitely allow your natural stone to shine, but it does not adequately clean and condition the stone. It is a specialized product for another area of the home.

The Supreme Surface brand Granite Cleaner not only meets all of the standards listed above, but also has a few added bonuses. The most obvious bonus is the great, fresh scent. It is also 100% naturally derived, bio-degradable, non-toxic, safe for use in food-prep areas, around pets and children. Not until now has a granite cleaner had all of these components!

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Beware of the “Granite Care Kit”

Photo of a granite countertops that was cleaned with a granite care kit.

If your granite was sealed properly with a penetrating sealer, chances are that the sealer will last upwards of 10 to 15 years.

Beware of the “Granite Care Kit”.  While searching the internet, I have come across many granite countertop cleaners paired with a “granite sealer” and sold as a kit. This gimmick is used to up-sell an uninformed natural stone owner and scare them into thinking that granite must be sealed frequently in order to keep it looking new. The fact of the matter is, that when granite is properly sealed the first time with a good penetrating sealer, it should not be necessary to reseal your granite for upwards of 10 years or longer. With this being said there is usually no need in purchasing a granite care kit that includes a natural stone sealer if it was done correctly the first time. I cannot speak for all sealers, and some lower grade sealers may need maintained more frequently. However, most reputable natural stone fabricators will more than likely be using a penetrating sealer for granite that could potentially last the lifetime of your granite countertops. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and little consistency on how often to seal granite countertops. Over- sealing your granite counter will actually dull the surface of the stone. When too much sealer is used, it cannot be absorbed by the stone, leaving it to sit on top and dry into a blurry residue. This could alarm the owner into thinking they are not adequately cleaning their countertops, which in turn prompts them to use more granite cleaner. If you are using a good granite cleaner on properly sealed stone, you should only need one product to cleanse and condition granite countertops. Save money where you can! Purchase one great natural stone cleaner that addresses all of your granite, quartz, and marble cleaning needs.

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